Our hunts usually run the last three weeks of November.  This normally will entail the pre-rut and rut periods of the year. Even with cold temperatures, our hunters stay warm and comfortable in our enclosed ground blinds. You will be taken to and from your stand by way of 4-wheeler and or enclosed ATV to prevent you from having to walk long distances with bulky clothes, thus preventing getting hot and cooling down too fast. 










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Whitetail Deer

In Saskatchewan, you are apt to see the largest buck of your life! Whitetail deer in our area are very plentiful and we have over 400,000 acres of land available for hunting. We completed our eighteenth year of operation in 2018 with a combined success ratio of over 70%. Our largest buck thus far  was a  14 point scoring 184 B&C. This area had been hunted very little for the five years prior to our ownership. We choose to book only a maximum of 12 hunters from our allotted 37 tags each year. Our goal  is  to not over hunt this area, but to manage it for top quality bucks for our clients. 
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